Speaking Like Tony Stark

It’s inevitable. More or less Iron Man 3 would have broken box office records as of this posting. However, this article isn’t a movie review. What we did instead is write something that more or less would help Anthony Edward Stark’s cause for (SPOILER ALERT?) a monument.

As we all know, Tony Stark’s known for his witty remarks and in line with what BTB’s all about, we present Tony Stark conversations from Iron Man and Iron Man 2 that we feel most of  us might have experienced or might be useful to others that haven’t…

Conversation# 1 (Akalain mo yun?):

(Humvee scene from Iron Man)

Tony Stark: Good God, you’re a woman! I honestly, I couldn’t have called that. I mean, I would apologize, but isn’t that what we’re going for here? I thought of you as a soldier first.
Ramirez: I’m an airman.
Tony Stark: Well, you have actually excellent bone structure there. I’m kinda having a hard time not looking at you now. Is that weird?
[soldiers laugh]

Conversation# 2 (Pickup, hookup lines):

(Vanity Fair ambush interview from Iron Man)

Christine Everheart: And what do you say to your other nickname, the Merchant of Death?
Tony Stark: That’s not bad. Let me guess… Berkeley?
Christine Everheart: Brown, actually.
Tony Stark: Well, Ms. Brown. It’s an imperfect world, but it’s the only one we got. I guarantee you the day weapons are no longer needed to keep the peace, I’ll start making bricks and beams for baby hospitals.
Christine Everheart: Rehearse that much?
Tony Stark: Every night in front of the mirror before bedtime.
Christine Everheart: I can see that.
Tony Stark: I’d like to show you firsthand.
Christine Everheart: [exasperated] All I’m looking for is a straight answer.
Tony Stark: [removing his shades] OK, here’s a straight answer. My old man had a philosophy: peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.
Christine Everheart: That’s a great line, coming from a guy selling the sticks.
Tony Stark: My father helped defeat Nazis. He worked on the Manhattan Project. A lot of people, including your professors at Brown, would call that being a hero.
Christine Everheart: And a lot of people would also call that war-profiteering.
Tony Stark: Tell me, do you plan to report on the millions we’ve saved by advancing medical technology or kept from starvation with our intelli-crops? All those breakthroughs, military funding, honey.
Christine Everheart: Have you ever lost an hour of sleep in your life?
Tony Stark: I’m be prepared to lose a few with you.

Conversation#3 (Ang cheesy!):

(Arc reactor transplant scene from Iron Man)

[Stark and Potts carry out an arc reactor transplant]

Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts: Don’t ever, ever, ever, ask me to do anything like that, ever again!
Tony Stark: I don’t have anyone but you.

Conversation#4 (Awkward moments)

(Monaco restaurant scene from Iron Man 2)

Justin Hammer: [Hammer is with reporter Christine Everhart] Tony, you know Christine?
Tony Stark: Roughly.
Justin Hammer: [about Christine Everhart] She’s actually doing a big spread on me for Vanity Fair. I thought I’d throw her a bone, you know. Right?
Pepper Potts: Right. Well, she did quite a spread on Tony last year.
Tony Stark: And she wrote a story as well.

Conversation#5 (Naughty Tony)

(Sparring session scene from Iron Man 2)

Tony Stark: [about Natalie Rushman] Who is she?
Pepper Potts: She is from legal and she is potentially a very expensive sexual harassment lawsuit if you keep ogling her like that.
Tony Stark: How do you spell your name, Natalie?
Natalie Rushman: R-U-S-H-M-A-N.
Pepper Potts: What, are you Googling her now?
Tony Stark: I thought I was ogling her?

We’re pretty sure the third installment has its fair share of memorable conversations, so we recommend that you watch the film if you haven’t yet. Of course, just like the previous Marvel movies, don’t leave your seats until the credits are all up!


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