If you’ve found yourself reading this, then congratulations. In all of the internet’s 644 million active websites, you’ve found our little corner in cyberspace. Hopefully, you got here because you really wanted to be here and not because you accidentally clicked something that you thought would show a video of a cat playing the piano or some other strange thing that you can find on the internet nowadays. If it’s the former, kudos. If it’s the latter, stick around, you just might find something you like.

But I guess this begs the question of, “What the hell is this site anyway?” Simply put, what you are reading is a collection of thoughts from a group of guys who share nothing in common except for their love of sports, beer, and astonishing physical specimens like Kate Upton. In other words, we’re just like any other warm-blooded male. And as with any seemingly good idea, this site was a byproduct of a couple of nights spent in the company of a few bottles of beer. The idea was simply: why don’t we put up a site that talks about what guys usually talk about during their moments of clarity induced by copious amounts of alcohol?

And thus, BehindtheBack.org was born. Why the name “BehindtheBack”? Well, first and foremost, we are avid basketball fans like 90% of the Filipino male population. “Behind the Back” is a move where you evade the defender by moving the ball around your back all the way to the off-ball hand. It’s a simple move that when done properly, can astonish and entertain. And that’s exactly what we aim to do. (Besides, it was either that or BetweentheLegs)

We’re not promising you guys anything. After all, we’re not writers. We don’t do this for a living. We’re just a group of guys who share the same interests. Hopefully, you’ll find some of our thoughts in this website to be amusing and interesting. If you find them infuriating, well luckily you don’t know where we live. But if after a hard day’s work from the office, you open your laptop and found yourself enjoying the stuff you’re reading from this site, then we’ve done our jobs.

On behalf of everyone who makes up this website, I’d like to formally welcome you to BehindtheBack.org. Stick around and come visit the site from time to time. You’ll never know what you’ll find BehindtheBack.


Rey de la Cruz Jr. (@reypinmoko)

Site Admin:

JV Salazar (@likeavirgil)


Sheen Gonzales (@sheenchaaan)

Gero David (@giro_dreams_of)

Alvin Tang (@alvinjtang)

Juanchi Pablo (andjuan)

Andrew Neo (neonsignals)

Bernardo Rongcal Jr. (@burnwrongcall)


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